About Us

Tiliafarm opened in 2009 as a company specialising in marketing and wholesale distribution of medicine, medical devices and hospital equipment.

We have a national and international procurement team that is experienced, dedicated and committed, with the necessary know-how and always with full customer satisfaction in mind, seeking the best solution and quality-price ratio.

We go through all the stages of the process, from market consultation to negotiation, contracting and logistics, duly monitoring the shipment until it is in the possession of the client.

We are known for the excellence of our logistics service in Portugal and abroad, where we also specialise. We assure the quality of our products and the best logistics circuit, always in the pursuit of a safe, timely and efficient delivery to our clients. Our operation is in line with the best practices of European standards and we are bound by the principles and values our young company is guided by, particularly:

  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Ethics
  • Rigour
  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Making a difference
  • Customer satisfaction

With over a decade of experience in the health area, we follow all the standards of safety, hygiene and public health, with products from the largest reference laboratories in Europe, Brazil and India, through strategic partnerships and, in some cases, exclusive partnerships, always with the quality of the products we propose in mind in an increasingly demanding market.

We are licensed by INFARMED both to import and distribute medicine and to sell medical devices. We also have GMP and FPI certification.

Our aim is to be a responsible, credible solution for hospitals, health centres, clinics, pharmacies, care homes, social security services, Santa Casa da Misericórdia, etc. seeking always to develop and promote continued and improved access to excellent healthcare for the community in general.


Our mission is to ensure that the product/equipment is delivered to the client quickly, under the best conditions, at the best prices and of the best quality.


Our goal is to act as a trustworthy liaison between all the participants in the process.


Safety and quality;

Ethics and rigour;

Professionalism and efficiency;

Integrity and respect;

Flexibility and proximity;

Trust and transparency;

Specialisation and competency;

Responsibility and commitment;

Innovation and continuous development.


Products from reference laboratories in Europe, Brazil and India;

Focusing on our clients and on the best solution for each market;

Specialising in remote logistics, which guarantees the best circuits;

Experience in marketing, distribution, imports and exports;

Competitive prices;

Trusted partners.


Authorisation for wholesale distribution of medicine (INFARMED);

Authorisation for wholesale distribution of medical devices (INFARMED);

GMP certification (INFARMED);

FPI certification.