Is Tiliafarm certified?

Yes. Tiliafarm has the following licences:

  1. Licence issued by INFARMED for wholesale distribution of medicine for human use;
  2. Licence issued by INFARMED for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices);
  3. Licence issued by INFARMED for wholesale distribution of medical devices.

Does Tiliafarm manufacture medicine?

No. Tiliafarm is a wholesale distributor of medicine and medical devices. We are not manufacturers. We market the products, acting as a liaison between laboratories and pharmacies/hospitals.

Does Tiliafarm have its own storage facilities?

No. Tiliafarm has a contract with a licensed logistics operator that specialises in pharmaceutical products for distribution to pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers and hospitals, which has been operating on the national market for 30 years.

Does Tiliafarm work with all the laboratories?

Tiliafarm works with laboratories in Europe, Brazil and India.

How is the medicine stored?

Storage is in accordance with best market practices.

Who long does it take a product or piece of equipment to arrive at its destination?

Delivery time depends on several factors; however, we are committed to making deliveries in as short a time as possible.

What should I do if I have a problem with a product or a piece of equipment?

If there is a problem with a product and/or a piece of equipment, please contact us using the contact information available on our website.