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Distribution of Medicine, Medical Devices and Hospital Equipment

Tiliafarm is a Portuguese company operating in the area of marketing and wholesale distribution of Medicine, Medical Devices and Hospital Equipment.

We have long and proven experience in the health area, particularly in the import and export of these products, with special focus on Portuguese-speaking African countries (PALOP).

We act as a bridge between the laboratory and the client.

Distribution of Medicine, Medical Devices and Hospital Equipment



Medical devices

Rapid tests

In vitro diagnostics

Laboratory consumables

Biosafety and Covid-19

Hospital equipment and furniture

Laboratory Equipment

specialized professionals

Our Services

Import, export and distribution of health products;

Specialised door-to-door logistics;

Procurement dedicated to the health area;

Personalised monitoring.

quality and efficiency


INFARMED licence;

GMP and FPI certification;

Products from reference laboratories;

Experience and specialisation in remote logistics;

Competitive prices.

Additional Information

Please contact us if you need to purchase medicine or hospital supplies or equipment.